Online Strategy

We see companies in many different predicaments when it comes to their website or online presence. Often they have a website that was created years ago and hasn’t been updated since. Or, their website is merely a company brochure transferred to the web, and / or, they have a website that is collecting dust with nobody showing it any love or attention.

Many websites have been created with no planning around their purpose. They have had pieces tacked onto them over the years, often by employees with no web or social media experience, resulting in a website that is a mess.

Does your website fit in to any of these scenarios? If so, your website could be costing you money rather than contributing to the success of your business.

With the right strategy and approach, your website can be a massive asset to your company and help you achieve your goals.

Having an online strategy means you have a cohesive approach to doing business online. Which means you are more likely to be effective in your efforts. It means you have taken the time to think about your website and how it can support your company objectives and goals.

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