Web Esc or ‘Esque’ – meaning essence of, or to show some type of likeness..

Web Esc is a web services agency, aimed at helping companies build a successful web and social presence.

We are extremely passionate about the web and have over 15 years experience in the online industry.

We understand the web, social media and how people interact online.

We can build a website for you or update your existing website. We can update your graphics, create your logo, get you started on social media or review your website. We can work with you to improve your website conversions, and generally give you guidance when it comes to doing business online.

Web Esc Founder
Melissa Priest
, founder of Web Esc Consulting,  has an Information Technology degree and over fifteen years experience in the online space. Six of those spent at online giant eBay.com.au.

Melissa is passionate about the web, and thrives on helping others carve out their digital presence.

Melissa is particularly obsessed with website usability and user-centred design, and believes that every website should have their customer top of mind, or else what’s the point!?

She has had extensive experience across the many facets of the web, including web development, social media, online strategy, content management, product management, online advertising, blogging, e-commerce, the list goes on.

Up until recently, Melissa was also the Director of online fashion destination Stylehunter.com.au, where she dealt with hundreds of online boutiques and fashion designers, and helped them merchandise their products online and via social media.

Melissa can help you improve your current website, or start fresh with something new. She can help you understand how your company should be positioned online and ensure your website is helping you achieve your business objectives.

Contact us to have a chat with Melissa about your web presence.

For a full rundown of what we can help you with, please visit our Web Services page, our Portfolio area, or get in contact to have a chat about your needs.

Need a new website for your business? Help with social media? Would you like to outsource some digital work? Let us help you!